Here at The Masters Athlete, we aim to invigorate and celebrate people like us—middle-aged people who live and love active lives.

We’re longtime journalists and athletes ourselves, and we’ve launched The Masters Athlete to spark dialogue and community for a like-minded and underserved group of peers.

Our years—decades!—spent writing for national, adrenaline-fueled sports-lifestyle magazines have left us passionate, knowledgeable, and somewhat wise with experience. Wise enough to realize that we have grown out of the very audience that those magazines address.

We’re here to fill that void.

So what is a masters athlete? In competitive circles, it’s anyone over 35. We’re well past that ourselves, but to us the exact threshold doesn’t matter. Our brother- and sisterhood includes people of all masters ages and fitness levels, whose goals range from improving everyday health to winning races. However grand that spectrum, we’re all enthusiasts who have been ignored by fitness mags stuck on twentysomething demographics.

Via reporting from original sources and around the web, TMA will add to your depth of knowledge. Our stories will address issues familiar to everyone in our cohort: making the most of limited time…dealing with injury and pain…developing strategies that keep us feeling sharp and vital.

We’ll also bring you relevant tales of inspiration, science, and technology. We’ll open community pathways, too, so that we can hear—and learn from—each other. Of course, busy as we all are, we’ll do our best to deliver advice with the kind of brevity that won’t stop you in your tracks.

Final note: TMA isn’t about turning back the aging clock. It’s about living a full, fit, and vital life that embraces exactly where we are—and growing from there.

Andrew Tilin and Bob Howells