Be Like Jack (LaLanne, That Is): The King of Fitting It In

    Be Like Jack (LaLanne, That Is): The King of Fitting It In


    OPMD* 5: Perseverance

    Some days we’re far richer in inspiration than time. So how about we share—via a little fitness nostalgia and video of a 90-year-old pushup monster—a reminder that you can squeeze in some physical activity at almost any time and  age?

    Deep breaths at the desk; 20 minutes of walking or hitting some stairs during a coffee break; a gentle stretch of those tight shoulders while cooking; or perhaps 22 pushups before taking your bedtime shower.

    Today’s memory-fueled OPMD (Old Person Move of the Day) comes courtesy of Jack LaLanne (RIP) and his wife, Elaine LaLanne (still kicking; and honest, that’s her name). According to the couple’s eponymous and swaggering website, LaLanne (who died in 2011) was “The Godfather of Modern Fitness.” So why shouldn’t the site strut? LaLanne was a very impressive turnaround project, going from a junk food–eating teen to Mr. America, to, for 34 years, a pioneering, feisty, tireless, unitard-wearing fitness instructor beamed by television camera into America’s homes.

    There’s so much more of a LaLanne story to tell, and we here at TMA are suckers for inspiration. So figure that from time to time, we’ll celebrate this fitness legend. He was the ultimate masters athlete. And today, whether  breathing or not, he can take us middle-aged athletes to new places.

    For now, why don’t you think about dropping down and giving us—and yourself—22. Or even 10. Five.

    You could never tell the ever-salty Jack LaLanne that you were too tired, too busy, or too old.

    “Don’t talk age!” LaLanne once barked to  writer Don Katz. “Age has nothing to do with it.”

    Apparently, it really doesn’t. Here’s 90-year-old Elaine LaLanne, recently pumping out 22 pushups.

    *Old Person Move of the Day