0.006, And Your Blissful Retirement*

    0.006, And Your Blissful Retirement*

    Imagining greener grass—and a better place to be active—when your days are about play? Think again.


    0.006—quick assist—is six-tenths of one percent. Written large, this remains a very humble number.

    It’s also the measure of how many over-55 Americans moved across state lines in 2015. That’s right, practically zippo.

    According to this related New York Times story, migrating to some utopian retirement spot—what we here at The Masters Athlete imagine as having a bounty of room to roam, and fresh air to enjoy—is neither straightforward nor easy.

    Moral of the story: You, our fitness-minded friend, need to take another lap ’round the ‘hood. Think about the paths, trees, back nines, riding buddies, running mates, swimming pools, and great hikes that you already enjoy. You’re perhaps right where you should be.

    *Blissful retirement, says TMA: Less sweat at work, more sweat (and some awesome recovery, too) at play.