The World’s Simplest Resistance Band Workout

    The World’s Simplest Resistance Band Workout


    It’s no secret that I’m gym-averse. Give me fresh air for my workouts any day. But after researching and writing two stories on sarcopenia (the decline in muscle mass that accompanies aging), I get that I need to do resistance training. Not only is it never too late to beef up, it’s critical for us masters athletes.

    But ugh. Join a gym? Really?

    That’s why my ears perked up when both experts I interviewed for my sarcopenia stories (Thomas Storer and Robert Drapkin) strongly endorsed the use of resistance bands for strength training, either in lieu of or in addition to conventional weights.

    Bingo! I could spend maybe 90 bucks on a set of bands of varying strengths, some attachments, and a couple of grips, and I’d be in the strength-training business. No gym, no gym fees, no hauling a duffel bag, no personal trainer. Done. After a fair amount of research, I discovered that the differences among top brands were pretty subtle. They all offer bands of varying resistance as well as various accessories. I wanted to be sure mine would be durable, and come with removable handles and a means for anchoring to a strong stationary object. I went with a company called RBT: Resistance Band Training—highly rated (“Upgrade Pick”) in a recent roundup of bands on The Wirecutter, and touted for their durability. What really sold me was the fact that company chief Dave Schmitz is a buff middle-aged trainer, and he offers tons of free videos. I can take my kit outside to a ballfield or a mountaintop. I can throw a band or two into my suitcase when I travel. I’m on my way!

    Dave sent me the video above as my introduction. What could be simpler? A dozen workouts from a single band.

    I’ll report back on my progress. But I’m off to a great start in overcoming my resistance to resistance training.